Saturday, November 8, 2014

I took your How to Sell on eBay class – where do I start?

I took your How to Sell on eBay class – where do I start? Ah, yes the question I get most often…so much information and it can be so overwhelming. No worry….start small… look at your pile of stuff you thought you were going to sell on eBay. 1. Sort the pile by like items such as: tools, clothes, shoes, hobby supplies. 2. Take pictures of the items: front, back, side, defects (full disclosure is important with “pre-owned items). 3. Write down all the descriptive info for the item: maker, model, size, color, fabric content, dimensions. 4. Use the info in #3 to do your keyword search on eBay (search bar, Advanced hyperlink, select Completed listings) to do your “reality” check for recent sold /unsold items using those keywords. Copy the title, description, categories and note the selling price (those in green). Use these copied listings as a guide to make your own listing. NOTE: Do not copy the photos of other sellers’ items – do your own photos as the buyer wants to know the condition of your item, from your photos. 5. Use the Excel spreadsheet I sent you as a guide – if you don’t have it or you don’t use Excel – make a chart with the following columns: Category, Title, Description, Starting Price 6. For each item you are going to list on eBay, complete the line as you would type it on the listing. Title (80 characters – the first 55 are the most important), Description (keep it simple, friendly, the facts of the item, the International buyers blurb, thank you for looking, blah, blah, blah. 7. Once you have the title, go back to your pictures and label the files as you would the title of the listing as the search engines on eBay use these keywords to match you to your buyers list. This list will help you get started…now go to eBay and post your listing…if you are still stuck, you can purchase my How to Sell on eBay Workbook. If it’s been a while since you took my class, things have changed – they always do….just search my name Frances W Greenspan in the search bar on eBay and my workbook will come up in your search.

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